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Prepare for The PIT!

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To get you prepared for the first element of the Civilian Military Combine, our friend Jason Leydon from CrossFit Milford has put together some instructional videos that walk you through each challenge.


Importance of Agility Training

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This post is written by guest blogger Rob DeCillis, a strength and conditioning coach at Combat Trainer.

Having signed up for the Civilian Military Combine it is of no question that you have the abilities of an athlete. You are dedicated, driven and up to physical challenges. Now what lies before you is the preparation and training that will take you from an everyday athlete who excels at their chosen training to becoming a well-rounded “Hybrid Athlete.”

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of training for competitions like the Civilian Military Combine is the factor of Agility and its relation to performance and injury avoidance.

Agility is the ability to change the direction of your body in an efficient and effective way. In life we are constantly changing direction. We never just move in a straight line, and the running portion of the Combine is no exception.

One of the benefits of training for agility is the reduction of injury. The strengthening of the positions that agility drills place you in will ensure that when you are placed in similar positions in the field, your body is familiar with them and can remain stable. An example of this is jutting sideways to avoid obstacles such as roots or rocks, leaping with short warning over logs and dodging moving or unsteady ground.  This is referred to as stimulus reaction.

Agility also allows the athlete to perform better and faster when faced with sudden changes in direction as well as spontaneous obstacles that are both likely and possible to occur in a race like the Combine.

The Agility Ladder Drills featured in the accompanying video can be used as a warm-up or conditioning activity. A 10-minute round of constant movement during these agility ladder activities will indeed work up a sweat and build conditioning as well. In the video we give you about five and a half minutes of constant work on the ladder. Cycling through high knees, icky shuffle and bunny hops will make you faster on your feet while building leg and knee stability, leg power and mental responsiveness. These activities in repetition may look deceptively easy but are both a fun and challenging way to increase stimulus reaction and decrease chances of injury.

If you are looking for training programs for the Civilian Military Combine please feel free to email me at spartaendurance@gmail.com.


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