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CMC Raceday Essentials

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Everything you need to know for the big race day!

Click here to download a PDF of all race day info.


From the Lehigh Valley:
Route 33 North to I-80 West to Exit 299 (old Exit 45) Tannersville, and follow the signs to Camelback.

From Scranton:
I-380 South to I-80 East to Exit 299 (old Exit 45) Tannersville, and follow the signs to Camelback.

From Wilkes-Barre:
I-476 (NE Extension of the PA Turnpike) South or Route 115 South to I-80 East to Exit 299 (old Exit 45) Tannersville. Follow signs to Camelback.

From Philadelphia:
I-476 (NE Extension of the PA Turnpike) North to Lehigh Valley Exit 56 (old Exit 33), Route 22 East to Route 33 North to I-80 West to Exit 299 (old Exit 45) Tannersville, and follow the signs to Camelback.

NEW Alternate Route (Avoiding Route 22 through Allentown):

I-476 North to Lehigh Valley Exit 56 (old Exit 33), then Route 22 East to the first exit (309 South). 309 South becomes I-78 East; proceed on I-78 East to Route 33 North to I-80 West to Exit 299 (old Exit 45) Tannersville, and follow the signs to Camelback.

From Metropolitan New Jersey & New York:
I-80 West to PA Exit 299 (old Exit 45) Tannersville, and follow the signs to Camelback.

From Central NJ, Newark, and Southern Metro New York City Area:
I-78 West to PA Route 33 North to I-80 West to Exit 299 (old Exit 45) Tannersville, and follow the signs.

From Washington & Baltimore:
I-95 North to I-476 (NE Extension of the PA Turnpike) North, and follow the directions from Philadelphia. Approximately 4.5 hours travel time.

From Delaware:
I-95 North to I-476 (NE Extension of the PA Turnpike) North, then follow the directions from Philadelphia.

CMC Scoring

  • Overall scores will be based off of a curved 200 point system.
  • The highest score in each portion of the competition will set the standard for the day that all competitors will be judged against.
  • The PIT: The competitor with the highest number of reps will be awarded the top score of 100 points. (Ex: If the day’s top competitor completes 50 reps and you complete 40, you will be awarded 80 points for doing 80% as many reps.)
  • Mountain Run: The competitor with the fastest run time will be awarded the top score of 100 points. (Ex: If the day’s top competitor finishes the run in 60 minutes and you finish in 63 minutes, you will be awarded 95 points for being 95% as fast.)
  • Scoring is scaled to performance – every performance is relative to the best performance in that event.

PIT Score + Mountain Run Score = Overall Score

The PIT is designed to be the great equalizer by leveling the playing field between power athletes and endurance runners to determine the best overall conditioned athlete.

Strength event overview:

1. “The PIT” will consist of separate stations per heat

2. Each station will consist of 4 strength elements:

•    Thruster (75lb men; 45lb women)
•    Burpee
•    Box Jumps (20 inches tall both M/F)
•    Kettlebell Swing (20kg men; 12kg women)

3. Per heat: competitors will fill the PIT per heat accompanied by professionally trained judges (1 per element)

4. At each station there will be a JUDGE to record the competitor’s total repetitions
Note: This judge will remain with the competitor for all 4 stations.

5. Each strength element will be 1min 30sec in duration followed by a 30 sec rest and rotation period to the next element. This time will also allow judges to record the amount of reps completed by each individual.

THE PIT – Strength element breakdown:

*RRR = Rest Rotate and Record

Approach: 1min 30sec approach for competitors and teams to their designated sections.

Station 1: 1min 30sec for competitors to complete as many reps as possible. (End = 3min mark)
RRR 1: 30 seconds. (End = 3:30min mark)

Station 2: 1min 30sec for competitor to complete as many reps as possible. (End = 5min mark)
RRR 2: 30 seconds. (End = 5:30min mark)

Station 3: 1min 30sec for competitor to complete as many reps as possible. (End = 7min mark)
RRR 3: 30 seconds. (End = 7:30min mark)

Station 4: 1min 30sec for competitor to complete as many reps as possible. (End = 9min mark)
Funnel to Race Start: 10 minute mark.


Total PIT time: 10 minutes


Lifting PIT Staging Area Prior To Start Time.

  • All competitors will receive their start times via email prior to the race.
  • In addition, heat start times will be posted on the CMC website.
  • It is suggested that all competitors report to the PIT staging area 30-45 minutes prior to their scheduled heat time.
  •  Failure to arrive at the CMC PIT on time will disqualify the competitor from the lifting portion of the event and they will be ineligible for awards.


  • Each lifting station will have a CMC PIT Judge whose task is to accurately score the competitors specific exercise.
  • Judges are responsible for recording total repetitions (rep) for their assigned competitor.
  • Judges will remain with their assigned competitor for all 4 PIT exercises.
  • Competitors will fatigue so judges will be watching for proper form in order to count a rep.
  • If form is off and the competitor is not performing the rep properly the rep won’t be counted.
  • Judges award a successful rep based on completion of the exercise in full (as described below).
  • Any unsuccessful rep will be communicated to the competitor upon failure in order to provide guidance do that competitors may correct themselves. (For example of good form and bad form, please view relevant videos below)
  • Abusive or argumentative behavior toward judges will not be tolerated.
  • Any inappropriate behavior will be grounds for elimination from the competition at CMC’s discretion.

Rules Inside The PIT

  • Competitors must remain at their station until instructed to rotate.
  • Individuals and teams will be randomly assigned to a strength element in the PIT upon entering the “On Deck” area.
  • Competitors will start the round in the standing position in front of the strength element.
  • Do not touch or perform any exercise until the buzzer has sounded. Once the buzzer goes off the athlete can then start.
  • Dropping or throwing of any weight (kettlebell or thruster bar) above the waist will lead to the disqualification of all repetitions for that strength element.
  • Any unruly behavior in the PIT will lead to expulsion from premises.

Rotation of Stations

  • Once the buzzer is sounded to end the round, the judge will walk with you to your next station.
  • Upon completion of all 4 strength elements competitors will transition to the mountain course.

Exercises of the Lifting PIT


  • Chest must touch the ground on the push up portion of the burpee.
  • When in the upright position, arms must extend directly overhead and body must be straight in the jumping up.
  • Please review instructional video for correct movements.

Box Jump

  • Box jumps must be performed straight forward onto the box, no lateral jumping allowed.
  • Two feet must touch the on the top of the box. Step up’s are allowed when fatigued.
  • Hips must be open and fully extended before jumping off the box.
  • Please review instructional video for correct movements.

Kettle bells swing

  • The kettlebell must be directly overhead and arms extended.
  • Please review instructional video for correct movements.


  • Hips in the front squat of the Thurster must be 90 degree or lower.
  • Elbows must be locked out overhead
  • Head must pass through your arms
  • Please review instructional video for correct movements.

Mountain Run

The mountain run will consist of 7 miles of running with 7 military obstacles throughout the course.

  • Any running out of the course boundaries will result in elimination from the competition.
  • Follow signage at all times and listen to course marshals for directions.


Course Marshals will be present at all obstacles.

  • Every obstacle must be completed to be eligible for awards.
  • Course Marshals will keep track of competitors who do not complete obstacles. Bib numbers will be submitted to the Race Director by the Course Marshals.
  • Competitors are not required to complete all obstacles due to physical limitations.


CMC Raceday Scheduling

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Find out when the fun begins for the first ever CMC!

Click here to download a PDF of all race day info.

Event Information

Number Pickup/Registration

- Friday, September 9th: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

- Saturday, September 10th: 7:00 am – 9:00 am

Race Day (see schedule below)

- Gates open at 7:00 am at Camelback Mtn. (Breakfast items will be for purchase at 7:00 am).

- Heats will start at 10:00 am and be every half hour after.

- Racers must check into heats 20 minutes PRIOR to start time.

- Race Day Registration will be $150.

Suggested Gear

- Comfortable athletic/trail running shoes

- Form fitting/breathable top

- Shorts

- Sunscreen

Prohibited Items

- Costumes: Due to insurance reasons costumes are not allowed

- Drinking alcohol prior to or during race

- Failure to comply will prevent you from competing

FAQ & Info

- Racers Receive: Free Parking, Swag bag (T-shirt & giveaways), Free access to waterpark (all water slides), Chairlift to the top of the mountain

- Racers May Purchase: Food/drink, Alcohol, Locker (Inquire at Registration Tent), Vendor Merchandise, Cabanas, Picnic Tables

- What to Bring: Family & Friends, Change of clothes, Towel, Bathing Suit, Cash/Credit Cards (all major cards accepted; ATM available)


Friday – September 9, 2011

10:00 am to 6:00 pm: Number Pickup /Registration; Vendor Set-Up; Course & PIT Viewing: Participants and spectators are welcome to come and view the “PIT” and course obstacles.

Saturday – September 10, 2011

7:00 am: Camelback Parking Lot Opens; Number Pickup / Race Day Registration Opens

8:00 am – 8:20 am: PIT Judge Check-In; Volunteer Check-In

8:30 am: PIT Judge Meeting with PIT Chief: Jason Leydon; Volunteer Meeting Race Director: Joe Patenella

9:15 am: Stretching

9:40 am: HEAT 1 Check-In at Corral


10:00 am: HEAT 1 Begins; Waterpark Gates Open; Chairlift Opens

10:10 am: HEAT 2 Check-In at Corral

10:20 am: Rules by PIT Chief

10:30 am: HEAT 2 Begins

10:40 am: HEAT 3 Check-In at Corral


11:00 am: HEAT 3 Begins; Waterpark Slides Open

11:10 am: HEAT 4 Check-In at Corral

11:20 am: Rules by PIT Chief

11:30 am: HEAT 4 Begins

3:00 pm: Awards Ceremony

3:00 pm- 6:00 pm: Liquid Lightning After Party


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