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Dominate The CMC Pit: Thrusters

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by Joe Vennare


The thruster is a compound exercises that combines the front squat and overhead press.

In The Pit, thrusters are done with a barbell weighted at 75lbs for men and 45lbs for women.

While training, the thruster can and should be performed using dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, a medicine ball or a sandbag.


To perform a thruster, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the barbell held in front of the shoulders, resting on or just above the collar bone.

Learn to become comfortable with the bar resting on the body, as opposed to holding the weight in your hands.

Drive the chest up, engage the lats and core and maintain a positive arch in the back.

Looking straight forward, push the hits back and sit back into a squat where your rear end is below the crease of the knee.

At the bottom of the squat exhale, drive the elbows high and together.  Return to standing driving off the heels and into the hips.

As you rise out of the squat, begin to push the barbell overhead into a military press.

End with your arms locked out overhead, then lower the weight back down to shoulder height and repeat.

Training Tips:

To improve execution and efficiency of the thruster be sure to include these exercises in your race training program.

Body weight squat

Front/back squat

Overhead military press/push-press

Dumbbell/kettlebell thruster

Single-arm dumbbell/kettlebell thruster

Sample Workout


4 Rounds

12x Bodyweight Squat

10x Push-up

6x Alternate lunge (each leg)

12x Weighted sit up



Work up to 3RM Front Squat 

8 Rounds

      3x Front Squat @ 90% 3RM every minute, on the minute

Rest @ 2-3 minutes, Then:

15 min AMRAP

6x Burpee

12x KB Thruster R arm

12x KB Thruster L arm

24x Overhead KB Swing


(Author Joe Vennare is a successful entrepreneur and accomplished fitness professional. As the co-founder of Hybrid Athlete, www.thehybridathlete.com, Joe develops innovative fitness programming for endurance, multi-sport and obstacle race athletes. Joe is also the co-creator of Race Day Domination,www.racedaydomination.com, a training manual designed to prepare competitors for success in any obstacle course race. In addition to his professional pursuits, Joe is a sponsored endurance athlete competing in triathlon, ultra-marathon, and adventure racing. Joe’s motivation to train and compete in endurance sports is fueled by a desire to test his physical abilities and mental toughness.)


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gomezjeff1979 @seanrogerscmc when are you guys coming to 5th Ave.
About 1 day ago
cmcombine @torquednation - let them know
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rexist360 So awesome. Can't wait for our workouts!!!
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paperguynj Check out warrior fit in Easton PA. Ted snow is the owner and he crushed the camelback race.
About 2 weeks ago
cmcombine @paperguynj thank you. We definitely will. Tell him to DM us
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