– Overall scores will be based off of a curved 200-point system.
– The highest score in each portion of the competition will set the standard for the day. All competitors will be judged against the day’s highest score.

Note: Combiners are not eligible for placing if ALL of the selected Division’s prescribed movements / weights are not performed. Example: moving down in Kettlebell weight.


– The competitor with the highest number of reps will be awarded a top score of 100 points. All other scores are graded along a curve between the high and low scores. For example, if the day’s highest rep count was 178 and the lowest was 55, the spread between high and low is 123 (178-55). A competitor who completes 109 reps in The PIT would receive a score of 44, since ((109-55)*100)/123 = 44 (rounded up).


– The competitor with the fastest run time will be awarded the top score of 100 points. All other scores are graded along a curve between the high and low scores.


– ALL CMC Competitors must complete The PIT before moving on to The Course. Choose your PIT Division:

– Participants are encouraged to pick a Division commensurate with their fitness level and ability.
– The PIT workout will be 7 minutes long and in an AMRAP format: As Many Reps As Possible.
– Combiners have 90 seconds to complete As Many Reps As Possible of each movement with 20 seconds rest between movements.
– Each participant will be assigned a PIT judge to count the total reps for each participant. Total rep counts will be verified by the participant before he/she leaves The PIT area. All counts are final once participants exit The PIT.
– In the event of a tie, reps completed in The PIT will be used as a tiebreaker.
– Individuals can win team awards and special category awards in addition to individual awards (see AWARDS below).
– Participants will be eligible for multiple individual awards within each division (ie Top Female and Most PIT Reps in Alpha Division).


– Teams will be scored on the average score of all the team members.
– Teams must have at least 3 participants in a Division for consideration in team scoring.
– Large groups such as gyms, running clubs, and group fitness classes are encouraged to break down into smaller teams in each Division.
– Team Captains should help their teammates pick the Division that is commensurate with their fitness level and ability.