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Harness strength and balance to overcome the resistance of your own body weight.

  • 5 – Burpees
    Body weight
  • 7 – Box jumps
    Body weight / Box height: 20″
  • 9 – Sit-ups
    Body weight



Apply your fitness!! The very first National Pro Grid League (NPGL) match ever at Madison Square Garden starts tonight at 7pm. It's the very first league based around fitness competitions in a team setting! #npgl #msg

christineberger_ 👍
About 2 days ago

@cmcombine joined @cfjerseycity at north liberty park over looking the #freedomtower this morning for a workout to honor fallen police officer Detective Melvin Santiago. It was honor to train alongside such incredible people for such an incredible cause. #memorialwod #cfjerseycity #cmc #cmcombine #firstresponders #progenex #crossfit @progenex


All day long @thebrooklynbox took on the @cmcombine PIT getting all their members base line reps in preparation for the Sept 27th Brooklyn CMC! Head coach of Crossfit Bay ridge @rjmoloney and also Crossfit Regional competitor who has placed first in more than one CMC, guided his box through all types of PIT training to get them ready for the big day! #cmctraining #cmc #crossfitbayridge #workhardplayhard #dowork #fitness #ocr #crossfit

thebrooklynbox #bayridgecrossfit #brcf #proudtobrcf @rjmoloney @mbisertabrcf @rgnerrebrcf @cwilson228
About 2 weeks ago