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Harness strength and balance to overcome the resistance of your own body weight.

  • 5 – Burpees
    Body weight
  • 7 – Box jumps
    Body weight / Box height: 20″
  • 9 – Sit-ups
    Body weight



#TBT Double tap if you slid down Camelback in May. #cmc #cmcombine #poconos #camelback #muddy

_belle30_ Lol by the time I got to it someone ripped it with their cleats
About 19 hours ago
thedanabird The rocks felt great on my spine...
About 19 hours ago
rallsop21 One of my favorite parts of the course 👍
About 4 hours ago

Never stop climbing. #cmc #cmcombine #crossfit #functionalfitness #ocr #motivation #obstacles


Combiners! We are excited to support the AMP Fitness League in New York for their third season. If you are on Long Island this Saturday, head down to @CFusionLi for a great event! @cmcombine will be providing awards to all the athletes that take the podium! Good luck everyone! @ampfitnessleagues #amparmy #functionalfitness #dowork #crossfit #cmc #cmcombine #iamcCMC #cmctraining

ampfitnessleagues AWESOME!! Be sure to stop by and join in on the fun!! 💪👍👊 @crossfitfusion @cleansnatchsoap @ampfitnessleagues ✔️✔️
About 17 hours ago
mumbles814 What's the box handle?
About 17 hours ago
cleansnatchsoap Boom can not wait see you there
About 17 hours ago
ampfitnessleagues @mumbles814, box hosting the comp is @crossfitfusion ✔️✔️👍
About 16 hours ago