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CMC and Team R4V

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Team R4V_Hulk for Heroes The Civilian Military Combine has partnered with Team Racing for Veterans (Team R4V) in order to GIVE BACK to America’s Heroes! Join the CMC & Team R4V to raise awareness and funds for wounded service members and veterans.  This is how it works:

All “NYC Urban Assault” CMC athletes who elect to become members of Team R4V and who raise a minimum of $150 will receive a Team R4V race shirt, access to training videos from a certified CrossFit coach, and access to the Team R4V test at the finish line (free food and drinks!).

It’s easy to get started – E-mail MeghanLederer@teamr4v.org and Team R4V will provide you with details about your fundraising efforts and will be with you every step of the way.

By becoming a member of Team R4V and fundraising and competing in the CMC, you will inspire hope and give back to America’s Heroes who have sacrificed so much.

Revolutionizing Rehabilitation

RMcGuire Team Racing for Veterans is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create life-changing opportunities for wounded veterans by promoting awareness, supporting rehabilitation, and empowering individuals to follow a path of healing with a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Unlike other organizations, Team R4V is a single resource for disabled veterans to receive support and assistance with their rehabilitation and reintegration through athletics, races and adaptive sports. Team R4V provides assistance to veterans from all branches of the military, supports all veterans, not just athletes, provides services and programs on a national scope, and most importantly, takes a holistic approach to rehabilitation and reintegration.

Team R4V depends on charity runners and our generous sponsors to help provide our nation’s veterans with coaching and mentoring, funding for sports camps, women and spouse specific training programs, adaptive sports equipment, and much more. With CMC’s help, Team R4V will impact the lives of countless veterans who have made incredible sacrifices.

To learn more about Team Racing for Veterans, please visit www.TeamR4V.org.


Running for My Life: Patrick Connell

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CMC picOver 10 years ago, I found myself in the Royal Hospital in London in front of a old, white haired doctor who was delivering the frightening news that I had cancer. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday.  I had recently started a study abroad program in London.  While on a run one day in Hyde Park, I realized something wasn’t right with my body. It was hard to breathe while doing what I would normally consider a pretty routine workout.  On top of that, a lump had started to form on the side of my neck and it was getting bigger each day. I decided to finally tell my mom who insisted that I see a doctor right away. Two days later, I received the news that I had Lymphoma after an x-ray showed a tumor in my chest that was the size of a small football and blood tests showed there was something terribly wrong inside. It turns out, the tumor in my chest was so large it was blocking my airways and making it hard for me to breathe.  I needed to return home to Los Angeles for treatment immediately. I was shocked, confused, and frustrated by the news. Why me?  How could I have cancer?  What was I going to do now?


When I returned home, I was lucky to have a very supportive family who found me a great team of doctors at USC Norris Cancer Center. After five months of experimental chemotherapy treatment and several weeks of radiation therapy, I was told by my doctors that the cancer was gone.  I had successfully gone into remission. Along the way, I battled through some terrible days of treatment and a lot of mixed emotions.  My body was beaten up – I had lost 40 pounds and instead of going to the gym regularly, I found myself sleeping a lot more. My workout was going for a short walk occasionally to clear my mind.  On those walks, I would stare out from a cliff overlooking the Rose Bowl and just reflect about life, my family, friends, and all the things I wanted to do when I got better.  Things became a lot simpler – I stopped worrying about all the silly stuff and focused on what really mattered – getting healthy again.  I was thankful to have an wonderful family to support me, several close friends, and an amazing team of doctors who wouldn’t give up on me.


I promised myself that when I got better, I would spend more time giving back and appreciating all that I was given. I also promised myself that I would get back in shape and start feeling alive again. In 2004, I ran the Los Angeles Marathon with a team of 10 loosely connected friends from New York who were all passionate about finding a cure for cancer. We raised $60,000 for cancer and I proved to myself that I was healthy again. I started volunteering with a New York City based cancer charity as a finance committee member and helped organize various charity events in the city.  Then in 2009, I was asked by a friend to join the LIVESTRONG Young Leaders Cancer Council ("YLCC"), a group of 20 young adults focused on broadening the organization’s reach, impact, and success in the fight against cancer. By working with LIVESTRONG on various initiatives focused on improving the lives of cancer patients and survivors, I found a way to give back in a way that really hits home every day.


After working with Sean Rogers and Matt Keller on the initial business plan for CMC, it became clear to me that LIVESTRONG would be a great partner. For the first CMC event at Camelback Mountain last September, a group of LIVESTRONG supporters and athletic minded individuals decided to form Team LIVESTRONG and compete in the race together. There was no better feeling than crossing that finish line with a "Survivor" Race Tag pinned to my shorts.


GOTRIbal Joins in the Fun for the Tri-State CMC Event

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The GOTRIbal Lounge is coming….

Since the launch of the CMC event series in 2012, the number of female participants getting signed up has been remarkable!  With nearly 40% of the registrants being female, CMC HQ wants show the ladies some love.  CMC has teamed up with GOTRIbal and is thrilled to announce the inclusion of the GOTRIbal Woman Competitor and Spectator Lounge at the Tri-State event! The lounge is for Women Competitors and Spectators and will be the perfect spot for socializing, relaxing, and learning. The lounge will feature access to private massage rooms, special beverages, even mini-clinics on the big plasma screen with Olympic coaches and GOTRIbal experts – the Lounge will have it all there to help promote and educate on how to live and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle in style!

Here are the details!

When: May 19, 2012, 7:30-2:30

Where: Camelback Resort, Pennsylvania

For Who: Women racers and their friends, sisters, mothers… you get the idea.

What: The GOTRIbal Lounge will be featured at the CMC Run at Cambelback Resort, in Tannersville, PA.

**Can’t wait? Register now!  And don’t forget to use your special promo code before March 20…   you’ll save $10!

Code: gotribalcmc2012

So what can you expect in the GOTRIbal lounge?  Imagine your own oasis.   With mini-learning clinics and Q/A’s with top coaches, Olympians, nutritionists and sport psychologists.  Think luxury and fun wrapped up in one exclusive spot – just for you.

Where swank meets sweaty, and dirty meets the divine…

And this…

Meets this….

The GOTRIbal Lounge is guaranteed to have lots of surprises inside to help you relax, gab, smile and connect with friends new and old.

1. Learn from professionals you’ve only read about in magazines – Pro athletes, Olympic Sport Psychologists and world-renowned nutritionists teach you mini-clinics and Q/A’s!

2. Play and be pampered:  You’ll have fun like you did in high school as you jump in a photo booth and snap crazy  photos, have them digitally uploaded and then shared with friends! Plus….

3.  Get taken care of by one of four massage therapists in your very own private massage rooms. (If you’re NOT racing, you could squeeze in 2 or 3 rub-downs if you want! Bargain!!)

And if you are competing, get a rubdown before your event, after, and then maybe, once more before you go home!)

GOTRIbal – the only way to meet and build intimate relationships with other women who share your passion for living an active and healthy lifestyle through endurance and adventure sports.


From March 6 – March 20

For GOTRIbal fans and members and friends. Whether you’re racing or supporting, this Lounge is for women who live the active lifestyle and those women who support us in living it.

Save $10 off the $40 Lounge Entry.

Use gotribalcmc2012 promo code.

If two of your friends sign up, YOU get in free!  (In registration, make sure they reference your name and email. We’ll contact you directly with your free entry code!)

REGISTER NOW by clicking here.