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Conquer heavier weights with speed and agility.

  • 5 – Shoulder-to-overhead
    Men: 75 lbsWomen: 45 lbs
  • 7 – Burpee over box jump
    Body weight / Box height: 20″
  • 9 – American Kettlebell Swing
    Men: 44 lbsWomen: 26 lbs



You know what day it is...it's R.E.D. Friday and we love this pic from Brooklyn with @davidbartongym. Support the deployed members of our armed services by wearing red today! #cmcredfriday #cmcombine #supportourtroops


It's Friday and we know you're all about them weights... #cmc #cmcombine #crossfit #tgif

kimkrossi @randomguyx
About 14 hours ago
d_g31 @alaynacue @mthomas628 I'm all about them gain bout them gains
About 14 hours ago
rockreidjr @ydreid
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dmarcovici @matthew_lebaron
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If you have solid teammates, you really are unbreakable. Tag your CMC team!! #cmc #cmcombine #teamwork #crossfit

tiziano929 @vitaocr @soltys35 @pizzavita @ernvesto_ocr @domdp31 @msipper @lvenezia78 @laura_fasc @ocrdad
About 16 hours ago
vitaocr @tiziano929 #boom. Gonna definitely hit some #cmccombine in 2015. Poconos in May for sure!
About 16 hours ago
_jennavera @brookexmx can't wait !
About 16 hours ago
brookexmx @_jennavera OMG ah so excited!!!!
About 16 hours ago
gceph @connectifitjay @bee_honey23 @randomactsofkat @biggup21
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