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Conquer heavier weights with speed and agility.

  • 5 – Shoulder-to-overhead
    Men: 75 lbsWomen: 45 lbs
  • 7 – Burpee over box jump
    Body weight / Box height: 20″
  • 9 – American Kettlebell Swing
    Men: 44 lbsWomen: 26 lbs



Calling all Combiners!! Tonight we have a special treat. @as1nyc , located at 1845 Broadway NY, NY - corner of 60th & broadway- will be hosting an hour long CMC prep class at 715pm. RSVP here to reserve ur spot! Spots are filling up super fast. #trainhard #cmcombine #cmctraining #motivation #inspire @thej2fit @gerrenliles @average2athlete @trooperfitness @kennysantucci @kgornish @cmc500 @fighterfitnesstraining @customfitmeals @torquednation @michellemeyer2 @seanrogerscmc @kingofthemountainevents @emperr @teamdangeroushq @d

lelavi When is the next meet?
About 15 hours ago

@thej2fit leads the Equinox @cmcombine conditioning class through instructions on the CMC movements and then the first heat kicks it off!!! @gerrenliles @average2athlete @equinox #equinoxwallstreet #cmcombine #cmctraining #motivation #inspire #inspirational

courtneyrose_tiu Killer!!
About 5 days ago
trgoldman Can't believe I missed it...damn!
About 5 days ago
cmcombine @trgoldman u were missed tom!
About 5 days ago
kevinstfort Will there be another hosted at Equinox?
About 5 days ago
brasco16 Miss that gym
About 5 days ago

Live from Equinox Wall Street- @gerrenliles , @average2athlete and @thej2fit are hosting a @cmcombine conditioning class for the May 17th CMC Pocono race!! Stay tuned for more updates! @equinox #cmcombine #cmctraining #functionalfitness #groupfitness #motivation #inspire #inspirational #fitness #nyctraining #averge2athlete #thej2fit #gerrenliles

courtneyrose_tiu Love it!!
About 5 days ago