PIT Staging Area Prior To Start Time.

  • All competitors receive start times via email prior to the race.
  • In addition, heat start times are posted on the CMC website.
  • Competitors should report to the PIT staging area 30-45 minutes prior to their scheduled heat time.
  • Failure to arrive at the CMC PIT on time disqualifies the competitor from the lifting portion of the event and they are ineligible for awards.


  • Each Pit station has a CMC PIT Judge whose task is to accurately score the competitor.
  • Judges are responsible for recording total repetitions (reps) for their assigned competitor.
  • Judges remain with their assigned competitor for all PIT movements.
  • Judges watch for proper form in order to count a “good” rep.
  • If the competitor is not performing the rep properly, the rep won’t be counted.
  • Judges award a successful rep based on completion of the exercise in full.
  • Any unsuccessful rep is communicated to the competitor upon failure in order to provide guidance so competitors may correct themselves.
  • Abusive or argumentative behavior toward judges is not tolerated.
  • Any inappropriate behavior is grounds for elimination from the competition at CMC’s discretion.

 Rules Inside The PIT

  • Individuals and teams are randomly assigned to a strength element in the PIT upon entering the “On Deck” area.
  • Competitors start in the standing position in front of the strength element.
  • Do not touch or perform any exercise until the buzzer has sounded.
  • Dropping or throwing of any weight above the waist will lead to the disqualification of all repetitions for that strength element.
  • Any unruly behavior in the PIT will lead to expulsion from premises.

 Rotation of Stations

  • Once the buzzer is sounded to end the round, the judge will walk with you to your next station.
  • Upon completion of all 4 strength elements competitors will transition to the mountain course.

 Exercises in The PIT


    • Chest must touch the ground on the push up portion of the burpee.
    • When in the upright position, arms must extend directly overhead and body must be straight in the jumping up.
    • Please review instructional video for correct movements.

Box Jump

  • Box jumps must be performed straight forward onto the box, no lateral jumping allowed.
  • Two feet must touch the on the top of the box. Step up’s are allowed when fatigued.
  • Hips must be open and fully extended before jumping off the box.
  • Please review instructional video for correct movements.

Kettlebell Swing

    • The kettlebell must be directly overhead and arms extended for athletes in the “Heavy” Division.
    • The kettlebell must go above parallel with arms extended for athletes in the “Light” Division.
    • Please review instructional video for correct movements.

 Obstacle Course Race (The Run)
The obstacle course race consists of 3-6 miles of running with at least 20 military style obstacles on the course.

  • Any running out of the course boundaries will result in elimination from the competition.
  • Follow signage at all times and listen to course marshals for directions.



Course Marshals will be present at all obstacles.

  • Every obstacle must be completed to be eligible for awards.
  • Course Marshals will keep track of competitors who do not complete obstacles. Bib numbers will be submitted to the Race Director by the Course Marshals.
  • Competitors are not required to complete all obstacles due to physical limitations.