We are the men and women who rise to train before the sun comes up.
Our hearts make their own fire.

We hear the voices chanting “slow” and “stop,” but choose not to listen.
Our greatness is earned in the face of great challenge.

We are the ones that keep going when all others have gone home.
Our determination is our greatest asset.

We are heroes of military, law enforcement, fire and rescue. We are mothers, fathers, and citizens. Our value is measured by the strength and safety of those whom we serve.

We are those that understand that with privilege comes a responsibility for honesty and service. Our pursuits reflect our values and integrity.

And when the energy is gone and the muscles are fatigued,
we rise above the pain and go on.

I will compete to honor my heroes.
I will persevere for my team.
I will finish because I started.
I am CMC.