"Move over tough mudders and Spartan warriors, there's a new challenge that combines military style training for the everyday athlete."


"Beat the Obstacles at the Civilian Military Combine"

Men's Fitness

"If you’re itching for more competition, set your sights on an adventure race designed to test your strength, endurance, and mental grit."


"...all manner of Herculean military obstacles..."

NBC4 Washington

"...a real fitness challenge..."

New England Spahtens

"In a sport that is rife with copycats and one up-manship, the CMC is something totally different, and as a result – nothing else out there today can compare to it."


"an amazing challenge that gave me a reason to train hard and take my workouts to a higher level."


"Looking back on the event, it was almost a spiritual experience."

NY Daily News

"If you don’t train for it, you’re going to struggle..."

CBS News

"“The course requires intense teamwork.”"

Men’s Fitness

"“The Civilian Military Combine offers a fun challenge to athletes from all walks of life.”"

PIX11 News

"“Those who defend our country in the armed forces will be pitted against those they protect.”"


"“It's the ultimate fitness test.”"

VICE Sports

"“This Civilian Military Combine is a bad mother****er.”"

"“It’ll be a very patriotic scene, very inspirational.”"

Daily Burn

"“Heart-pumping and not-for-the-weak.”"

Well + Good NYC

"“Despite the intimidating name, CMC has the highest percentage of female competitors out of any adventure race series—nearly 40 percent.”"

FOX Philly

"“This event is incredible because it gives wounded warriors something to look forward to and something to train for.”"

Brooklyn Bliss

"It really makes you have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone."

Mudman Report

"Rarely does a new race impress the Mudman as much as this!"


"the CMC is designed to be a completely different kind of race."

Pocono Record

"...offering a more elite race has really been something people have embraced."

Train To Dominate

"I had more adrenaline dumps that day than during any other event I’ve done, and I really had to push myself."


"...they put on a hell of an event."