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WOD – Week 4, Day 6

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Strength and Conditioning: (3 rounds for time)
- 20 jumping squats
- 20 pushups
- 20 sit-ups
- Take the day Off

Running Workout: (3+ Hours Before CFE Strength & Conditioning WOD)
Run total of 45 minutes:
- run 10 min easy 50-65%
- then 6 rounds of 2 minutes hard 85-95% and 3 minutes run easy 65-75%
- then run easy last 8 minutes 50-65%.

This workout is specially designed by Brian Harkins from NYC Endurance, for the NYC Urban Assault.


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nadianachos @jamesrpartridge1992 you know it!!
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_luischavez_ We doing this @castro327 or nah?
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_luischavez_ @ruihelder you down or nah?
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ruihelder Hey @_luischavez_ can't. I'm on straight recovery. Just got surgery 2 days ago :-)
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_luischavez_ Don't worry @ruihelder I got you! I'm on Skype with A-rod right now for that HGH so you can recover on time lol ... Its all good I hope you recover fast!
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#TBT Double tap if you slid down Camelback in May. #cmc #cmcombine #poconos #camelback #muddy

_belle30_ Lol by the time I got to it someone ripped it with their cleats
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thedanabird The rocks felt great on my spine...
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