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WOD – Week 5, Day 2

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Strength and Conditioning: (As Fast As Possible: 12-15-21-15-12 for time)
- Box Jumps 24″ men /20″ women
- Handstand Push Ups (if you are unable to do Handstand pushups or modified handstand pushups then do dumbbell push press)
- Deadlifts 185 men / 125 women

Running Workout: (3+ Hours Before or After Strength & Conditioning WOD)
Run:  8 x 400 meters, rest 2:00 minutes, hold within 3-5 seconds (need to do it outdoors not on a treadmill)

This workout is specially designed by Brian Harkins from NYC Endurance, for the NYC Urban Assault.


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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the NYPD and the families of the two fallen officers who were killed yesterday. #cmcombine #nypd #police #firstresponders

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