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WOD – Week 5, Day 4

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- 10:00 min Body Weight Skill Work (basic body weight exercises (pushups, squats, dips, sit-ups) work on form rather than reps)
- Take the day off

Running Workout: (3+ Hours Before or After Strength & Conditioning WOD or Strength & Conditioning Recovery)
Run: 5 x 800 meters, rest 5:00minutes  (all of these should be as fast as you can)

This workout is specially designed by Brian Harkins from NYC Endurance, for the NYC Urban Assault.


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Combiners, it's FINALLY Friday. Big plans this weekend? #cmc #cmcombine #tgif #friday #crossfit #ocr #fitness

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#TBT The PIT was looking GOOD last Saturday. Double tap if you'd rather be crushing this PIT than sitting in your office right now... #cmc #cmcombine #thepit #ragefitness #crossfit #functionalfitness #bryceresort

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