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WOD – Week 5, Day 5

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Dynamic Effort (3 reps every :45 seconds for total of 8 rounds): Good Morning (Wide Stance) (Good Mornings *** do not go too heavy on these- you should feel these in your hamstring if you feel it in your lower back stop your doing the exercise incorrectly)

Metabolic Conditioning: (3 rounds as fast as possible)
- 7 over head squats 95 lbs for men / 65 lbs for women
- 14 pushups
- 21 sit-ups

This workout is specially designed by Brian Harkins from NYC Endurance, for the NYC Urban Assault.


Caption this pic from Brooklyn. Our favorite gets a CMC t-shirt!! And....GO! #cmcbrooklyn #mud #barbedwire #captionthis

bennyroitman CMC: Training for when the zombies come
About 18 hours ago
elegantbeastfitness I want Bacon!!!!!!!! @cmcombine
About 18 hours ago
1mike_cee5 Where's the beer?
About 18 hours ago
hocusbogus79 Will roll for beer
About 17 hours ago
ktcorcs "I hope @supercleary is getting this..."
About 15 hours ago

Happy Monday, combiners! So...what did you think about Brooklyn? #cmc #cmcbrooklyn #honor #endure #conquer

stewardessgodzilla Awesome event!!! Very well done!!!
About 4 days ago
sallyacc When do the photos post?
About 3 days ago
marathonmanx @cmcombine hey guys I sent you guy a email my course time was off by a hour and a half if you guys could get back to me that would be great
About 3 days ago
laurierice Awesome event!! Loved the PIT!!! @hittrainingnj was happy to represent!!
About 2 days ago
themikeishere Loved it. I'm going to remember this.
About 3 days ago

It's an HONOR to watch men like Brendan compete. Your excuse NO LONGER exists. #cmc #yellowribbonfund #cmcbrooklyn #veterans #honor #conquer

yomz83 Truly amazing
About 4 days ago
daniicx3 @jusbrath @dirtdoc8404
About 4 days ago
sallyacc @mimise16 hey noemi. Show my dad this picture if you can. This was the guy i was telling him about.
About 4 days ago
mimise16 @sallyacc wow!! Amazing!
About 4 days ago
cmcombine @jimecow Well said.
About 5 days ago