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WOD – Week 5, Day 6

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Strength and Conditioning and Running Workout:
- 2:00 minutes Box Jumps 24″ for men / 20″ for women
- 2:00 minutes Active Rest (walking)
- 2:00 minutes Thrusters 75 lbs for men / 45 lbs for women
- 2:00 minutes Active Rest (walking)
- 2:00 minutes Burpees
- 2:00 minutes Active rest (walking)
- 2:00 minutes Kettlebell Swings 24 kg for men / 16 kg for women

Rest 10 minutes

Run: 40 min as fast as you can (Time Trial)

This workout is specially designed by Brian Harkins from NYC Endurance, for the NYC Urban Assault.


@thej2fit hosted a specialized CMC training session today by one of our champions, Mike Dewar and his business partner Mike Barbot of @thej2fit . They reviewed strategies on how to be more efficient in the pit so combiners could squeeze in those extra reps to improve their scores! At the end, Mike and Mike battled against one another in the #DELTADIVISION. Mike dewar is looking to post more than 105 reps in the PIT ladies an gents! 7 days remain until the biggest event of the year!!! #cmctraining #cmcombine #cmc #thepit #thej2fit ##1 #champions #workhard #dowork


CMC Brooklyn is in exactly ONE WEEK! Double tap if you're pumped to go hard in The PIT. #cmcombine #cmcbrooklyn #crushthepit #crossfit #fitness #fitnesscommunity

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CMC PIT: Walk in a beauty, crawl out a beast. Tag a beauty who is going to crush CMC Brooklyn. #cmc #cmcbrooklyn #crushthepit #motivation #fitness #crossfit #fitnesscommunity

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