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WOD – Week 5, Day 6

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Strength and Conditioning and Running Workout:
- 2:00 minutes Box Jumps 24″ for men / 20″ for women
- 2:00 minutes Active Rest (walking)
- 2:00 minutes Thrusters 75 lbs for men / 45 lbs for women
- 2:00 minutes Active Rest (walking)
- 2:00 minutes Burpees
- 2:00 minutes Active rest (walking)
- 2:00 minutes Kettlebell Swings 24 kg for men / 16 kg for women

Rest 10 minutes

Run: 40 min as fast as you can (Time Trial)

This workout is specially designed by Brian Harkins from NYC Endurance, for the NYC Urban Assault.


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