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WOD – Week 8, Day 3

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Strength and Conditioning: (3 rounds) 
- Run 400 meters
- 21 Kettlebell Swings – Men 24 kg/ Women 16 kg
- 12 Pull-ups

Go easy at 70% effort

This workout is specially designed by Brian Harkins from NYC Endurance, for the NYC Urban Assault.


Happy Monday, combiners! So...what did you think about Brooklyn? #cmc #cmcbrooklyn #honor #endure #conquer

stewardessgodzilla Awesome event!!! Very well done!!!
About 2 days ago
sallyacc When do the photos post?
About 2 days ago
marathonmanx @cmcombine hey guys I sent you guy a email my course time was off by a hour and a half if you guys could get back to me that would be great
About 2 days ago
laurierice Awesome event!! Loved the PIT!!! @hittrainingnj was happy to represent!!
About 13 hours ago
themikeishere Loved it. I'm going to remember this.
About 22 hours ago

It's an HONOR to watch men like Brendan compete. Your excuse NO LONGER exists. #cmc #yellowribbonfund #cmcbrooklyn #veterans #honor #conquer

yomz83 Truly amazing
About 3 days ago
daniicx3 @jusbrath @dirtdoc8404
About 3 days ago
sallyacc @mimise16 hey noemi. Show my dad this picture if you can. This was the guy i was telling him about.
About 3 days ago
mimise16 @sallyacc wow!! Amazing!
About 3 days ago
cmcombine @jimecow Well said.
About 3 days ago

Who needs the beach? We have sand. #regram from @aviatorsports #cmc #cmcbrooklyn #getdirty #getlow

getbarebox Hey babe check us out!
About 4 days ago
themikeishere Had a great time out there. It was just my first but I want more!
About 3 days ago
nicky_dizzzle @cmcombine where are results?
About 3 days ago